A.M.D.G hello.jpg Some Foreign Wordlists


It is useful to have some non-Everywhere languages, for loanwords, if nothing else.

Here are four proto-language phonologies and wordlists. The first two language families are from Here, the other two from Elsewhere. These are not necessarily contemporary with Shapshiruckish. The names are randomly generated.

Sketch map of the distribution of the families around Here


There is a distinct pre-Shapshiruckish sprachbund, rather distinct from Shapshiruckish. The Natural and Damp languages all have register tones, and nasal vowel and multiple lateral consonants are common


The Shapgapsh genocided all these, at least culturally. Their origin seems to have been in the central Religious lands, but their influence reached wider. Expect to find Damp elements mostly in placenames, etc.

Proto-Damp Consonants

p t k
b d g
m n
l ɫ ʎ r
ɫʷ ʎʷ

Proto-Damp Vowels

i i: u u:
ə o o:
a a:

Diphthongs: uj aj oj ju ja jo

Proto-Damp Syllables

Words in Proto-Damp are monosyllabic.

All consonants can appear word-initially, as well as the following clusters:

Proto-Damp Wordlist

dmū˧ hylic
ɫʷig˥ domestic
pjoɫ˧ proprietary
gɫin˩ visual
glʷam˥ fluvial
mjom˧ latitudinous
də˥ scatological
dīɫ˩ aquatic
gɫoj˩ infantile
kuɫ˥ conflagratory
guɫ˧ vale
tām˩ temporal
ʎan˧ verdant
ʎʷom˩ fraternal
būn˩ remote
dō˩ correct
mjō˩ incorrect
bnojn˧ solar
ʎan˩ translational
dɫoj˧ stygian
ni˥ altitudinous
mān˥ anthropic
paɫ˩ illuminated
njo˥ ensconced
dajg˥ sonic


Like the Damps, the Naturals ranged widely through Here, but were mostly found in what would become Martial land. Unlike the Damps, some Naturals survived, in the periphery of Martial territory. They have cultural affinities with the Apeshit peoples because of Shared Adversity.

Proto-Natural Consonants

retroflex series l ɭ ꞎ

Proto-Natural Vowels

aeiou ɔ̃ ĩ ũ

Proto-Natural Syllables

HIGH-LOW TONES -- grammatical ˥˩, polysyllables

Proto-Natural Wordlist



Although most of the Metallic languages are not really from Here, and are spoken to the South and in the Middle East, some peripheral Northern Metallic languages were displaced by the Marine languages. The Metallics are the main southern rival. They are a large source of exotic loanwords.

Proto-Metallic Consonants

p t k pw tw kw b d g w dw gw m G s r l sw rw lw

Proto-Metallic Vowels

long vowels: iueoæa short vowels: iau

Proto-Metallic Syllables

Proto-Metallic Wordlist


The Lovely people are the third leg of the tripod, the rival in the West. The Pelagic colonies in Loveliland were only conquered in the middle ages, leading to the Krill Diaspora.

Proto-Lovely Consonants

Proto-Lovely Vowels

Proto-Lovely Syllables

Proto-Lovely Wordlist