Hanwei Practical XL Katana: The Unveiling

Evan: This is the Hanwei forge Practical Elite Katana. You can see there ... this is the unveiling.
Evan: I am opening it.
Matron: I've got it Evan
Tyler: It would have been better if I did it.
Evan: Another smaller box within the larger box     
Matron:                         Ahaaaaaa         Put it on top.
Tyler: You don't want to wreck it, do you?
Evan: No. Just push this box out of the way. Just...
Evan: This katana was 209 dollars US and uh about 135 Canadian after conversion at the time. I had to pay about 124... 24 dollars for a customs fees for some reason.
Evan: It's supposed to be very sharp
Tyler:                             sshhhhhhh
Evan: Shhhh Tyler, Tyler...                 It's... it'll sound really weird on the video.
Tyler:                   It doesn't matter.
Matron: Well, it's really packed in there good, isn't it?
Evan: Yeah
Matron: You'll have to cut the plastic, a little bit; there, see? It's got a bit of plastic, it's got it all over.
Tyler: It's tape!
Matron: Yeah I told...
Tyler:                  It's tape. :E
Evan: Yeah, there's tape on it.
Matron: Yeah.
Evan: I'm trying to be a bit careful, don't wanna...
Matron: Yes, because you'll never know if you might have to send it back, right
Evan: It has more to do with the fact I don't want to damage anything.
Matron: Yes, of course.
Evan: Ahhh. As you can see, the katana itself is wrapped, I mean...
Matron: Well wrapped.
Evan: And not just in plastic, obviously
Matron:    It is.
Matron: Something else in it too, little things.
Tyler: It looks like an umbrella now.
Evan: Whoa-oa. This is ac... this is actually my first katana. This is my first katana.
Tyler:                                                                             Whoa, watch it!
Matron:                                                                               Whoa-oa-oa
Evan: I actually did see, um, a katana in a flea market when i was... when I was younger, and I was sort of tempted to buy it, but because it was a really, just a cheap, uh display sword, I could tell even then it was just a piece of crap, uh die-cast, and very loose. So.
Matron: Jeez, You do have to wrap it.
Evan: There...
Tyler: Shh shh shh... whoooah, oh my gosh, that's shiny!
Evan: Yeah.... It's just the sheath. You can see that there's a tag on it. There's a tag on it in various languages. I'll be taking that off.
Evan: There's a cord so you can actually tie it around, uh, around your waist if you wanted to.
Tyler:        Mitsooboogie
Evan: Shhhh
Matron:   Shhhhh
Tyler:     <clap clap> Wowww wowwwoakay
Matron: Very nice, eh?
Tyler: Jeez!
Evan: It's not in, uh, in perfect shape. You can see there's stuff on it, but it's, it'll just come off.
Tyler: Look at that!
Evan:        I gotta be rather careful, I mean using my hand is probably not the smartest move.
Tyler: Look! Look at it!
Evan: There we go. Well, it certainly does look very sharp, doesn't it?
Matron: Heheheh.
Evan: Yeah, I can certainly believe that it could cut through just about anything.
Tyler: Hey you could be, uh.... Go to China! Go to China!
Matron:                     Okay so when are you stopping this, Evan?
Evan: Uhh
Matron: So when are you stopping it?
Evan: There's the official holograph for, uh, uh, the Hanwei forge, to assure its authenticity. I bought this from the Sword Buyers' Guide. And they had this reviewed very highly, especially for its price point. It was 'buy now' rating, which is pretty much the highest rating that you can get. I'm going to be showing videos in the future of me testing it out, of course I have to do that -- it's obligatory -- probably be using cardboard boxes mostly because we don't have, uh, plastic bottles much. We don't drink pop in this house.
Evan: Okay. That's, that's... that's it for now.
Matron: Do I press it?
Evan: Press the record button again.

Five Minutes of Chemistry on the Nineteenth of December, Anno Domini Two Thousand and Four

M: ...Well the nearest carbon atom will get you there, and the nearest carbon atom is a C [...] we'll just draw this below the table of a certain standard, and that is fine.
F: [unintelligible]
H: What's the name
M: Hold on, hold on.
C: Mm?
M: We'll just work out the name together, it's a nice example, sort of practice naming...
F: [unintelligible]
M: Yeah, but you're right, but the naming rule, the nomenclature rules, they they count along - doing this, doing this yourself - they count along thecarbon chain, there, done it, and anything else, that's, that's the main word and anything else will have to be written before it with... numbers, so go on Jenny, tell us now what you think it is...
F: 2,3-methyl... [unintelligible]
V: [unintelligible]
M: Exactly, [unintelligible], the commas and the dashes matter. [pause] So that's exactly right. Self-explanatory...
C: [unintelligible whispers]
H: [unintelligible whispers]
M: Hm? So okay, those will keep coming up. Just as a physical properties, what, what are they, what do they look like, so on. This is not central to our understanding of this but may as well say it. Just after physical properties, just bracket the fact that all, the simple, all the simple ones, all the simple carboxylic, acids. They're all colourless... liquids. Some of them is quite a powerful, rather unpleasant smell, in fact. I'll, I'll mention one or two of those as we go through. Erm, Somethin'... odd about one or two of 'em as well, but the best example is, is ethanoic acid. So read what number two says... erm, if you take, this is as our example, ethanoic acid... has a formula mass - that should make a bit of sense to you, formula mass, add up the relative atomic masses in there, just do it in your mind; carbon 12, hydrogen 1, oxygen 16, just you rehearse this, so what do you get to with ethanoic acid - you getting there?
F: Sixty
M: S... s... say it
F: Sixty.
M: You can get a... sixty. Sixty. But in fact if you do ex... if you put it in a special... if you do experiments on this, in actual fact, by experiment, by the laboratory experiment, the... molar mass, Mr, in fact, is 120! We've obviously not made a mistake in our reckoning, we've got that bit right. Let's put the units as well around this molar [...] but it's obvious what the relationship is, isn't it? It's doubled up. And the reason for that is that ethanoic acid exists as... dimer - which means double - molecules. Ah, most of the time it doesn't matter to us, we just conveniently ignore it, but seeing where it's doing this, [...] what that means, it means - watch me draw this structure first, then you can copy it - it means that one molecule attaches itself to a second... molecule... watch... like this. Just be careful, it's easy to get it the wrong way... round. So there's one molecule of ethanoic acid get [...] and draw a second one ssslotting into that...
H: [unintelligible]
M: Like so... what happens, what's happening is between these molecules I'll draw a dotted, broken line, or a dotted line, a broken line, it's some form of bonding, it's a form of bonding - hold onto the name if you recognise it - because that's delta-plus, delta plus, delta minus, delta minus - but don't say it - but there's more to it than that - the oxygen has lone pairs. It's a, it's a reasonably strong form of...
V: Hydrogen...
M: intermolecular bo... [recording ends]